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Lifts and cargo handling equipment nowadays play a crucial role both in terms of individual well-being and in terms of industry. On closer examination, it would be unthinkable that the current characteristics of our building and the organization of industrial processes could be maintained without the presence of this equipment. Given its importance, in the last decades, the sector has undergone major changes in technological, legal and normative levels. These changes are driven by the continuous need to respond to the growing concerns of society in terms of social, economic, safety and comfort.

Thus, topics such as: accessibility, energy efficiency, fire safety, new materials, among many others, are areas of work with a view to developing solutions.

On the other hand, directly or indirectly, several entities with different objectives participate in this sector, from manufacturers, installers and maintenance companies, inspection entities (notified bodies and inspection entities), tutelage (General Directorate of Energy and Geology, Regional Directorates of Economy) ), municipalities, owners and users of equipment, among others, which contrary to what would be desirable, their connections, in a perspective of cooperation, are tenuous or even non-existent.

In this context, it appears that there is a gap in terms of the circulation of information, sharing of experiences and exchange of opinions in the face of problems / issues of common interest to the different participants, which translates into a weakening of the sector promoting the isolation of organizations, especially the smaller ones, enhancing the undeclared dissatisfaction mainly of the owners and / or users of the equipment and, thus, prohibiting the possibility of hearing the “voice of the customer”.

After a thorough analysis and being aware of the problems, opportunities and needs of this sector, the ELEVARE project was born, whose strategic objective is to position itself as a specialized information body, in Portuguese and with a contextualized approach to the reality of Portugal.

With this magazine, and taking into account its different sections, it is intended to give opportunities to all actors in the sector, without discrimination, to share their experiences, their concerns, their desires, their opinions and suggestions so that the promotion and improvement of the sector is the main guideline. It is also our intention to create a space in the magazine to remember figures that, due to their action in the past, mark the present. We want ELEVARE to be a magazine with “memory”.

In order to finalize the wish that the magazine meets the expectations of the readers and that the readers are active elements, either through their participation in the elaboration of contents or by sending us their criticisms and suggestions that will allow a continuous improvement of the ELEVARE project.

Mauricio Dias
Director of ELEVARE magazine

Publishing company

CIE – Comunicação e Imprensa Especializada, Ltd., a Grupo Publindústria company, is part of a business platform with about 30 years of experience in publishing specialized magazines directed to technology markets.

Grupo Publindústria assumes itself as a leader in the information and communication market directed to technicians, engineers and managers who work in the manufacturing industry.

The growing importance of science and technology in the national economic activity is reflected in the Publindustria Group’s business and is already reflected in several initiatives: book publishing, training and organization of seminars and technical events.

CIE – Comunicação e Imprensa Especializada, Ltd. is the Grupo Publindústria company responsible for promoting and publishing the magazines “robótica”, “Manutenção”, “renewable magazine”, “ELEVARE” and “Dignus”.


The magazine team “renováveis magazine” is guided by the requirement with which it operates in the services it offers and the effectiveness of their implementation. We consider that we have all the ideal conditions to carry out our activities, in a climate of trust and professionalism, always ensuring the respect and recognition of our customers.

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